IP - Intellectual Property

Calexin is not a patent or trademark attorney.

We do however work closely together with some good firms.

Calexin does have extensive experience in monetizing intellectual property (“IP”) for you, as well as identifying risks or building strategies to defend your IP.

Our approach:

  • We review with you what IP could be of interest to your business.
  • We propose a cost-efficient approach to obtain such IP.
  • We propose contracts that protect your IP (including know-how and trade secret) such as NDA, MTA, licensing at the right time for your business.
  • We help you to identify which subsidies, grants, or innovation deduction you could be entitled to.
  • We help you to build defence strategies if your IP is challenged, always searching for a tailor-made and cost efficient approach.
  • We help you to build pro-active strategies to monetize your IP, whilst minimizing the risk of litigation.